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Quality Textiles Co., Ltd. f0026Factory
Factory d f0027Factory
Factory s f0028Factory
Gawon Apparel Co., Ltd. (formerly Bumin) f0029Factory
Samil Cambo Co., Ltd. (formerly Direct Int'l & ACE Apparel) f0030Factory
ASD Cambodia Co. Ltd. f0031Factory
Nishiku Enterprise Co.,Ltd( formerly Asia Dragon Garment Co. Ltd.) f0032Factory
TGMB&N Garment (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd (formerly B & N Garment (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd) f0033Factory
Center World Garment Ltd (formerly Best Tan Garment Ltd.) f0034Factory
Borey Kamkor Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0035Factory
Bright Sky Pte Ltd. f0036Factory
Broadland Cambodia Garment Industries Co., Ltd. f0037Factory
Cambodian Hoi Fu Garments & Knitting Fty. Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0039Factory
Camitex (Cambodia) Mfg. Co. Ltd f0040Factory
Camwell Mfg Co. Ltd f0041Factory
Canteran Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0042Factory
Chea Sinat Garment Co., Ltd. f0043Factory
Juan Shi Garment Co., Ltd (formerly Chean Ping Garment) (Closed) f0044Factory
Chu Hsing Garment Co., Ltd. f0045Factory
Chung Fai Knitwear and Dyeing Fty. Ltd. f0046Factory
Cinkamp Apparel Corporation Co., Ltd. f0047Factory
D.A. Corporation Ltd. (Closed) f0048Factory
Dai Young Cambodia Co., Ltd f0049Factory
Diamond Tower Enterprise Limited f0050Factory
EDA Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0051Factory
Evergreen Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0052Factory
Ever-Glory (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd f0053Factory
Evergreen Garment Co., Ltd. f0054Factory
F.Y. Cambodia Fashions Ltd. f0055Factory
Fortune Garment & Woolen Knitting Factory Ltd. (Closed) f0056Factory
Unison Garments Co., Ltd. f0057Factory
GDM Enterprise Co., Ltd. f0058Factory
Genuine Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0059Factory
Gladpeer Garments Factory (Cambodia) Ltd. f0060Factory
Gold Kamvimex Garment Factory Ltd. f0061Factory
Goldfame Enterprises Knitters Ltd. f0062Factory
Grand Textiles (Cambodias) Co., Ltd. (formerly Grandtex International Co., Ltd.) f0063Factory
Great Union (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f0064Factory
Guo Xing Garments and Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. f0065Factory
Hana-Embroidery Co., Ltd. (formerly Hana Cambodia Inc.) f0066Factory
Hua Hsi Garment Co. Ltd. f0067Factory
Horus Industrial Corp. f0068Factory
Hung Wah (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Ltd. (Branch 1) f0069Factory
In Fong Garment Co., Ltd. f0070Factory
In Kyung Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0071Factory
Jacqsintex Industries Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0072Factory
JK Forever Co. Ltd. f0073Factory
JRB Action Textile & Clothing Ltd. f0074Factory
Global Apparels Limited (formerly Jusca Garments) f0075Factory
Kbal Koah Garment Co., Ltd. f0076Factory
Kennetex International Co., Ltd. f0077Factory
Lin Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises Co., Ltd f0078Factory
J T H Textile (Cambodia) Inc. (Branch #1) f0079Factory
M & V International Manufacturing Ltd. (Kampong Chhnang) f0080Factory
M & V International Manufacturing Ltd. (No. 1623) f0081Factory
M & V International Manufacturing Ltd. (No.754) f0082Factory
Makalot Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0083Factory
Manhattan Qing Dao Textile & Garment Corp. f0084Factory
Manhattan Textile and Garment Corp. f0085Factory
Maurea Garment Corporation. f0086Factory
Yu Da Garment Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Maxpearl Garment) f0087Factory
Medtecs (Cambodia) Corp. Ltd. f0088Factory
Min Kuan Textile Co., Ltd. f0089Factory
Nan Kuang Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0090Factory
Quantum Clothing (Cambodia) Ltd. (formerly New Island Clothing, Ltd.) f0091Factory
New Orient Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0092Factory
Noble Apparel Ltd. f0093Factory
Ocean Garment Co. Ltd. f0094Factory
Pak Shun Knitting Factory Ltd. f0095Factory
Ying Yi Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Perfecta (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd) f0096Factory
Phong Wan Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0097Factory
Dignity Knitter Limited (formerly River Rich Textile Ltd.) f0098Factory
Roo Hsing Garment Co., Ltd. f0099Factory
Royal Crowntex International Inc. f0100Factory
S.H. International Co. Ltd. f0101Factory
Sabrina Garment Mfg Corp. f0102Factory
San Fong International Co., Ltd. f0103Factory
Shuen Jia Yuh Co. Ltd. f0104Factory
Sin Lan Ho Garments Co. Ltd. f0105Factory
Sinomax International (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd. (Branch 1) (Closed) f0106Factory
Morning Glory Garment Enterprise Co., Ltd (formerly South Bay Enterprise Co., Ltd.) f0107Factory
Sportex Industry Co., Ltd. f0108Factory
Su Tong Fang Group Garment Co., Ltd. f0109Factory
Siu Quinh Garment Ltd. f0110Factory
Sun Sky (Cambodia) Industries Co. Ltd. f0111Factory
Suntex Pte., Ltd. f0112Factory
Supreme Choice (Cambodia) Garment Ltd. f0113Factory
Tai Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd. f0114Factory
Tai Yar Garment Industry Co., Ltd. f0115Factory
Terratex Knitting & Garment Fty., Ltd. f0116Factory
Thai-Pore Garment Co., Ltd. f0117Factory
Top World Garment Ltd. f0118Factory
Top-One Garments Cambodia Mfg. Co. Ltd. f0119Factory
USA Fully Field Garments Co. Ltd. (Operations suspended) f0120Factory
Violet Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0121Factory
W & D Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0122Factory
Great Honour Textile Factory Limited (formerly Winner Knitting Factory Ltd.) f0123Factory
Yubin Service Co., Ltd. (Closed) f0124Factory
Zhen Tai Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0125Factory
Zheng Yong Garment Factory (Branch 1) f0126Factory
Zhong Yov Co., Ltd. (former Kun Mao Hsing Co., Ltd) f0127Factory
Nantai Garment Factory Cambodia Ltd. (formerly Moon Star) f0128Factory
Hung Tak Garment Co., Ltd f0129Factory
T.B.I Garment Co. Ltd f0130Factory
Quicksew (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0131Factory
King Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. f0132Factory
Splendid Chance International Ltd. f0133Factory
F.T.E.O Garments Co., Ltd (formerly Fortune Teo Garment Factory Limited) f0134Factory
Eclat Highter International Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Highter) f0135Factory
Shen Zhou (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0136Factory
Kin Tai Garment Co., Ltd. f0137Factory
CMCW Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0138Factory
Berry Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0139Factory
Hoyear (Cambodia) Garment Ltd. f0140Factory
Wincam Corporation f0141Factory
In Jae Garment Co., Ltd. f0142Factory
Han Sung (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0143Factory
Inter Hopewell Garment Co., Ltd. f0144Factory
Whitex Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0145Factory
Hung Wah (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Ltd. (Branch 2) f0146Factory
Apex International (Cambodia) Ltd.(formerly Peace Glory (Cambodia) Manufacturing Co., Ltd) f0147Factory
United Apparel Cambodia Branch 2 (formerly Lotus Textile Garment Cambodia Co., Ltd. Branch 2) f0150Factory
Wei Hua Garment Co. Ltd. f0151Factory
Reliable Source Industrial (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0152Factory
Volumecocomo Apparel (Cambodia) Inc. f0153Factory
Talent Garment Industry (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0154Factory
Xin Fang (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Ltd. f0155Factory
King Success Co., Ltd. (formerly E Garment Co., Ltd.) f0156Factory
Ghim Li (Cambodia) Pte, Ltd. f0157Factory
Meng Tong Garment Manufactory Ltd. f0158Factory
Dae Kwang Garment Co., Ltd f0159Factory
Yirong (Cambodia) Knitting Co. Ltd. (Formerly Tairong Branch 1) f0160Factory
Sangwoo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0161Factory
Now Corp. f0162Factory
Heart Enterprise (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0163Factory
Makalot Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 2) f0164Factory
Makalot Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f0165Factory
Yakjin (Cambodia) Inc. f0166Factory
Hontex Co. Ltd. f0167Factory
Nice Wear International Co., Ltd. (formerly P.Y. International Co., Ltd.) f0168Factory
Leader's Industrial Co., Ltd. f0169Factory
Fortune Fashions Limited f0170Factory
Xin Lan (Cambodia) Garment Company Limited f0171Factory
8 Star Sportswear Ltd. f0172Factory
TY Fashion (Cambodia) PLC. (formerly No.4 and No.5) f0173Factory
Jinmyung Garment Development Corp. f0174Factory
Cambo Handsome Ltd. f0175Factory
T.R.C.A Garment Co., Ltd (formerly Winsol Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f0176Factory
Quint Major Industrial Co., Ltd. f0177Factory
New Wide (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f0178Factory
Maxlin (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0179Factory
Pantessa Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0180Factory
King First Industrial Co., Ltd. (Merged King First Industrial I & II) f0181Factory
Universal Glory (Cambodia) Ltd. f0182Factory
Vanco Industrial Co., Ltd. f0183Factory
SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd. f0184Factory
H2 Garment Co., Ltd. (Closed) f0185Factory
Sang Min (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0186Factory
Seratex Co., Ltd. f0187Factory
J T H Textile (Cambodia) Inc. (Formerly United Apparel (Cambodia) #3, Formerly Lotus #3 f0188Factory
Bayon Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f0189Factory
The Willbes (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0190Factory
Wintai Sock Manufacture Ltd (formerly Blossom Century (Cambodia) Ltd.) f0191Factory
Wah Yang Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0192Factory
Yao Hua Print Work f0193Factory
Xing Tai Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0194Factory
International Fashion Royal Co., Ltd. f0195Factory
Harmony Apparel Co., Ltd.(formerly Kie & Kie World Co., Ltd.) f0196Factory
Khu Pheap Garment Co., Ltd. f0197Factory
Dequan International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0198Factory
Win Shingtex (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (former Shing Tex Co., Ltd) f0199Factory
Moha Garments Co., Ltd. f0200Factory
Cambo Handsome Ltd. #1 f0201Factory
YVP Trading Co.,LTD (formerly Y & P Garment) f0202Factory
K-Som Textile Co., Ltd. f0203Factory
Nugget Textile (Pte) Ltd. f0204Factory
New Mingda (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0205Factory
Sam IL International Co., Ltd. f0206Factory
Heng Shing (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing f0207Factory
Wing Ying Garment Factory Ltd. f0208Factory
Grand Twins International (Cambodia) Ltd. f0209Factory
Chang Sheng (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd. f0210Factory
Meng Ieng Garment Factory Ltd. f0211Factory
Chung Yick Textile Factory Limited (formerly Full Fortune Knitting Ltd.) f0213Factory
Wan He Da Manufacturing Company Limited (Merged with Jit Textiles Limited) f0214Factory
Timeless Fashion Clothing Co., Ltd (formerly Magic Square (formerly Soyeah)) f0215Factory
W. Lingerie & Underwear Factory Co., Ltd. f0216Factory
Sun World Garment Co., Ltd. f0217Factory
Health Source Garment Co. Ltd. f0218Factory
Sky High (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Wonrex) f0219Factory
Glory Knitwear Ltd. f0220Factory
Sae Han International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0221Factory
Nyan Kids (Cambodia) Ltd. f0222Factory
GDM Enterprise Branch No.1 f0223Factory
Lianfa (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd (formerly Kim Sheng Garment Co., Ltd.) f0224Factory
Jit Embroidery Limited f0225Factory
Sheico (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0226Factory
New Archid Garment Factory Ltd. f0227Factory
TY Fashion (Cambodia) PLC. (No.5) (formerly T Y Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f0228Factory
Meng Yan Garment Manufacturing & Wet Processing Ltd. f0229Factory
Chang Tai International Corp (Closed) f0230Factory
Legend Garment (Cambodia) Ltd. f0231Factory
Medcrest Textiles (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0232Factory
Benoh Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0233Factory
Tak Fook (Cambodia) Garment Ltd. f0234Factory
Lixing Knitting Factory Limited (Closed) f0235Factory
Eastex Garment Co., Ltd. f0236Factory
Yoo Sung Embroidery and Print Inc. f0237Factory
Cosmo Textile Co., Ltd. f0238Factory
Seeds Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0239Factory
Papillion Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0240Factory
Wan Hao Apparel Corp. f0241Factory
Yu Fa Garment Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0242Factory
The One (Cambodia) Industries Co., Ltd. f0243Factory
I Apparel Ltd. f0244Factory
Direct Route Company Ltd. f0245Factory
Ken Success Fashion (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0246Factory
Evergreen Industrial Co. Ltd. f0247Factory
Optimum Fashion Manufacturing Co., Ltd (formerly United Apparel (Cambodia) Inc.) f0248Factory
Golden Mile (Cambodia) Ltd. f0249Factory
Iberasia Co., Ltd. f0250Factory
Seo Rim (Cambodia)Co., Ltd f0251Factory
Haitan HB (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Haitan Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f0252Factory
Minmax Cambodia Co., Ltd f0253Factory
T & K Garment Industry Co., Ltd. f0254Factory
Zongtex Garment Manufacturing Ltd f0255Factory
Akeentex Pte. Ltd. f0256Factory
Nyan Kids (Cambodia) Ltd. 1 (formerly Smart Pea Garment Ltd 1) f0257Factory
Cambodian Textiles Worldwide Phnom Penh Works Co.,Ltd. f0258Factory
Cambo Handsome Ltd. #2 f0259Factory
Miaw Shun (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd. f0260Factory
Colour Apparel Garment (Cambodia) f0261Factory
Bodykids Fashion Wear Co., Ltd. f0262Factory
Sun Best Garment Co., Ltd. f0263Factory
Nyan Kids (Cambodia) Ltd. 2 f0264Factory
A.K.M Garment Co., Ltd (formerly K.A.M. Garment Co., Ltd.) f0265Factory
Hand Seven Apparel Co., Ltd. f0266Factory
Quantum Apparel (Cambodia) Limited f0267Factory
Lim Line International (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f0268Factory
Full Reach International Co., Ltd. f0269Factory
Southland (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Universal Apparel) f0270Factory
Winsand Garment & Woolen Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. f0271Factory
Guowoo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0272Factory
Nextou Co., Ltd. f0273Factory
YMG Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. f0274Factory
Akeentex Pte. Ltd. - Branch No.1 (formerly owned by Kinma) f0275Factory
Splendor Industry Co., Ltd. f0276Factory
Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0277Factory
Camfong Garment Co. Ltd. f0278Factory
Tainan Enterprises (Camboida) Co., Ltd. f0279Factory
Kwei Yang (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0280Factory
Deuck Woo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0281Factory
Fairdon (Cambdia) Limited f0282Factory
Piang Shing Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd (formerly Sum Sum Enterprise Co., Ltd.) (Closed) f0283Factory
Yu Jie Computer Embroidery Co., Ltd. f0284Factory
KJPT Best (Cambodia) (formerly Kavotex Cambodia) f0285Factory
Goldfame Manufacturing Knitters Ltd. f0286Factory
MEROSON (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0287Factory
Apsara Garment Co., Ltd. f0288Factory
Shining Textile Corp. (Formerly Blooming Textile Corporation) f0289Factory
SEED 153 (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0290Factory
Jie Wei (Cambodia) Garment Factory Ltd. f0291Factory
Hongs One (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f0292Factory
You Qi Silkscreen Co., Ltd (formerly S.A.C. Co., Ltd.) f0293Factory
Cambo Handsome Ltd. #3 f0294Factory
Bloomtime Embroidery Pte Ltd. f0295Factory
Xin Chang Xin Garment (Cambodia) Ltd. f0296Factory
Kada Apparel Corp. f0297Factory
Top Centre Manufacturing Ltd. f0298Factory
Mintai International Printing Co. Ltd. f0299Factory
Anful Garments Factory (Cambodia) Ltd. f0300Factory
YTC Corporation. f0301Factory
Good People (Cambodia) Ltd. f0302Factory
New Rainbow (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0303Factory
Hulu Garment Co., Ltd. f0304Factory
CG Glory (Cambodia) Manufacturing Company Limited. (formerly Ford Glory) f0305Factory
Loretta Garment (Cambodia) Ltd. f0306Factory
Vision Glory Knitting (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0307Factory
Galey Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0308Factory
Maxlin Cambodia Co. Ltd. Branch #1(Operations Closed) f0309Factory
Seil (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0310Factory
Top Fame (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd (Merged with Top Fame Garments Limited and Magacorp) f0311Factory
Mastex Incam (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly In Kyung 2 Cambodia Co., Ltd.) f0312Factory
Judy Mao Garment Ind. Ltd. f0313Factory
TY Fashion (Cambodia) PLC. (No.6) (formerly T Y Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 2) f0314Factory
T & K Garment Industry Co., Ltd. (Branch II) f0316Factory
HongDou International Garment Co., Ltd. f0317Factory
Lean Global Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0318Factory
Camitex II (Cambodia) Mfg. Co., Ltd. f0319Factory
Beauty Apparels (Cambodia) Ltd. (Formerly PCCS Garments Ltd) f0320Factory
Sieh Strong Garment Co., Ltd. f0321Factory
Tae Young (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0322Factory
E-Z International Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f0323Factory
Soho Sheng He (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd (formerly Fong Yean (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd.) f0325Factory
Moon Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0326Factory
Flextime (Cambodia) Apparel Limited. f0327Factory
Shinglecom (Cambodia) Garment Factory Ltd. f0328Factory
Winson Int'l Garment (Cambodia) Ltd. f0329Factory
Long Victory International (Cambodia) (Closed) f0330Factory
Kimna Dry Process f0331Factory
Syldon Garment Ltd. f0332Factory
Chun Hing Knitting International Co., Ltd. f0333Factory
Nanguo Garment Co. Ltd. f0334Factory
Tuki Sport (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0335Factory
Top Summit Garment Inc. f0336Factory
Zhong Zheng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Closed) f0337Factory
Smart Shirts Garments Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd ( formerly Sunn Lung Garment Co., Ltd.) f0338Factory
Success Index Group (Cambodia) Limited. f0339Factory
Sein-Atree Co. Ltd. (Closed) f0340Factory
Conpress Holdings (Cambodia) Garment Factory Ltd. f0341Factory
CAM Forever Co., Ltd. f0342Factory
Top Form (Cambodia) Company Limited f0343Factory
Wah Fung Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0344Factory
HK Luck Company Limited (formerly Camli Luck Enterprise Co., Ltd.) f0345Factory
Uniform and Socks MFG (Cambodia) Ltd. f0346Factory
Dewhirst (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0347Factory
Seduno Investment Cambo Fashion Co., Ltd. f0348Factory
G H I Garments Cambodia Co., Ltd. f0349Factory
Hong Kong Winfair Garment (Cambodia) Ltd. f0350Factory
Woorie Garments Co., Ltd. f0351Factory
M.E.I.S. International Co. Ltd. f0352Factory
CIK Cambo Co., Ltd. f0353Factory
Nissin Lotus Garment Co., Ltd. f0354Factory
Tiner Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0355Factory
Yuan Da & Rong Fong (Cambodia) Textile Co., Ltd. (Closed) f0356Factory
Due Cotton (Cambodia) Ltd. f0357Factory
Kaotex Garment Co., Ltd f0358Factory
Six Plus Industry Co., Ltd. f0359Factory
U.C.Knit Garments Co. Ltd. f0360Factory
Grandy Crafts Co., Ltd. f0361Factory
Cambo Kotop Ltd. f0362Factory
Cambodian Gateway Underwear Co., Ltd. f0363Factory
Core World Garment Co. Ltd. f0364Factory
Dongbu Summit (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Closed) f0366Factory
C Square Garment Finishing Co., Ltd. f0367Factory
Cam Verna Fashion Co., Ltd. f0368Factory
Calacam Investment Co., Ltd. f0369Factory
Pemir (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f0370Factory
Jiun Ye Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0371Factory
K-22 Knits Co., Ltd. f0372Factory
Columbus Apparel (Cambodia) Inc. f0373Factory
SA One Garments Limited. f0374Factory
Wai Full Garments (Cambodia) Ltd. f0375Factory
Max View Textiles (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0376Factory
S-Wonlabel Co., Ltd. f0377Factory
Master & Frank (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0378Factory
UFI Tailor Corporation f0379Factory
Y & W Garment Co., Ltd. (Merged with Y & W Garment Co., Ltd. (D)) f0380Factory
Zhong Yin (Cambodia) Textile Co., Ltd. (formerly Gold Flower Knitting Co., Ltd) f0381Factory
KKN Apparel Co., Ltd. f0382Factory
Tak Sun Enterprise (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly HS ENT (Cambodia) Co., Pte Ltd) f0383Factory
Vast Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd. f0384Factory
Tung Chao Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd. f0385Factory
King Star Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0386Factory
H & L Apparel (Cambodia) Corp. f0387Factory
Trax Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0388Factory
Crystal Martin (Cambodia) Limited. f0389Factory
Nex-T Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0390Factory
Mastertex Cam International Co., Ltd. f0391Factory
Keohwea International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (formerly Chang Hill Cambodia Co., Ltd.) f0392Factory
Sees Global KH Co., Ltd (formerly Cam Taekang Sportech Co., Ltd.) f0393Factory
Dayup Global Co., Ltd. f0394Factory
Kap (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0395Factory
Mirae Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0396Factory
Dynasty Apparel (Cambodia) Company Limited. f0397Factory
Everay Textile Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0398Factory
Nyan Kids (Cambodia) Ltd.-2 (formerly Smart Pea Garment Ltd.) f0399Factory
Alim (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0400Factory
Yorkmars (Cambodia) Garment MFG Co., Ltd. f0401Factory
Yorks (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0402Factory
Starlight Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f0403Factory
Dongdu Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0404Factory
Eastern Industrial Enterprise Inc. f0405Factory
Foremart (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (formerly D & L Ultimate (Cambodia) Co., Ltd) f0406Factory
Pla Tina Co., Ltd. (formerly Hamon Grand International Co., Ltd.) f0407Factory
Cambo Kotop Ltd # 1 f0408Factory
AMM Garment (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0409Factory
Keme Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f0410Factory
Daqian Textile (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd f0411Factory
Cambo Hong Xing International Knitting Co., Ltd. f0412Factory
Anxing (Cambo) Garment Factory Limited f0413Factory
Five Stars Cotton Garment (Cambodia) Limited f0414Factory
Gartha International Co.,Ltd f0415Factory
Chih Hsing Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0416Factory
Union Mill Boda (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f0417Factory
Xing High Feng Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0418Factory
Indochine Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd. (formerly Indochine Gawon (Cambodia) Ltd) f0419Factory
Fuma Costume (Cambodia) Co.,Limited. (Closed) f0420Factory
New Wish Industrial Co., Ltd. f0421Factory
Welly (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd f0422Factory
Onis Activewear Co., Ltd. f0423Factory
EINS (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0424Factory
Japan Rocks.S.E.A (Phnom Penh) Co.,Ltd f0425Factory
Din Han Enterprise Co.,Ltd. f0426Factory
Bowker Garment Factory (Cambodia) Company Limited. f0427Factory
Son Keng Garment (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0428Factory
E Garment II Co.,Ltd. f0429Factory
Tange Land (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. f0430Factory
DK Inc f0431Factory
Moon Tai KJ (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0432Factory
Aurora Apparel (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0433Factory
Sheng Huang Industries Co., Ltd f0434Factory
Hong Sen Textile (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. (Closed) f0435Factory
Neo Meridian Industries Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Meridian Industries Garment) f0436Factory
J S D Textile (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0437Factory
ECO Base Factory Ltd. f0438Factory
Zhong Hua Printing Company Ltd. f0439Factory
Chuan Mei Sporting Goods (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f0440Factory
Yong De Wei Garment PTY LTD f0441Factory
Young Dong 1 Co., Ltd f0442Factory
Feng Yi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0443Factory
Co-Seek Garment Co., Ltd f0444Factory
Young Inner (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0445Factory
Fusuny Garment Co., Ltd f0446Factory
CN Prosperous Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0447Factory
Kai Yue (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0448Factory
Bloomsfield (Cambodia) Knitters Ltd f0449Factory
Chun Jiang United Cooperation Garment Co. Ltd f0450Factory
Te Fu Umbrella Co., Ltd f0451Factory
Nakayama (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0452Factory
Lucida (Cambodia) Enterprise Co., Ltd f0453Factory
DF Fashion Apparel (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0454Factory
Footmark (Cambodia) Corporation f0455Factory
A & J Carter (Cambodia) Ltd f0456Factory
Hong Kong Yufeng Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd f0457Factory
SCCL (Cambodia) Limited f0458Factory
Shude Garment Co., Ltd f0459Factory
Greentree Cam Garment Co., Ltd f0460Factory
Choung Hao Garment Co., Ltd f0461Factory
Rong Yuan Knitting Co. Ltd. f0462Factory
Golden Hing (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Ltd f0463Factory
Soo Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0464Factory
Asia Dong Run Import Export Co., Ltd f0465Factory
Xu Sheng Cam Co., Ltd f0466Factory
CAM A P I Medical Co., Ltd f0467Factory
ACCASETTE Garment Co., Ltd f0468Factory
Cobest Second (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. (formerly CS Goldway Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd) f0469Factory
Scandinavian Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0470Factory
Daeseung-Cambo Co., Ltd (formerly Mir Apparel World Co., Ltd) f0471Factory
Nasmi Industry Co., Ltd f0472Factory
SL (2) Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd f0473Factory
Xin Hai Tong Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Wanshen Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd) f0474Factory
Janda(Cambodia) Garment MFG Co., Ltd f0475Factory
CTLK Garment Co. Ltd f0477Factory
Pattern International (Cambodia) Company Limited f0478Factory
Hi-Tech Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0479Factory
Shanghai Ch Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0480Factory
Hana (Cambodia) I. Inc f0481Factory
Lecien (Cambodia) Corporation f0482Factory
U-Knits (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0483Factory
Ronchester Inc. f0484Factory
CWKH Garment (Cambodia) Limited f0485Factory
Japana (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0486Factory
Joint Force Sporting Goods (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (formerly Tien Sung Garment (formerly Ming Jian)) f0487Factory
Y.D.L Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0488Factory
Kar Tat Computer Embroidery Sequin Fty f0489Factory
Perfect Growth Private Co., Ltd f0490Factory
Shingchang Tech, Inc. f0491Factory
Hung Wah (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Ltd. (Branch 3) f0492Factory
Makalot Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 3) f0493Factory
Ruita Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0494Factory
Man Ou Garment Co., Ltd f0495Factory
Unity Fashion Cambo Co., Ltd f0496Factory
Copious (Cambodia) International Inc f0497Factory
Star Fuyu Garment Company Limited f0498Factory
Foot Forward (Cambodia) Socks Co., Ltd f0499Factory
Felicity Garment (Cambodia) Corporation Ltd f0501Factory
Taieasy International Co., Ltd f0502Factory
Jason JUDD f0510Factory
Tivea KOAM f0511Factory
Minea Lirana HAS f0512Factory
Gang Glory (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd (Closed) f0515Factory
Steps Footsocks Asia Co., Ltd f0824Factory
Elite (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0848Factory
Eclat Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0849Factory
Roo Hsing Garment Co., Ltd (Branch No.1) f0850Factory
Zhong Yin (Cambodia) B Textile Co., Ltd f0908Factory
Apple Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0909Factory
Cambo Unisoll Ltd f0910Factory
Cheng Hao (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd (Closed) f0911Factory
Hugh Crown Manufacturing (Cambodia) Ltd f0912Factory
Leedar Knitting (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0913Factory
Mars Brothers Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd f0914Factory
MT. Yeh's Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f0915Factory
Naga Peace Corporation Limited f0916Factory
New Ascent International Garments Limited f0917Factory
Orient International Enterprise (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f0918Factory
Plory-Cam Knitting Limited f0919Factory
Ricotex Industrial Co., Ltd f0920Factory
S.L.J (Cambodia) Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd f0921Factory
Sepia (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f0922Factory
Sun Hsu Garment Co., Ltd f0923Factory
Swany (Cambodia) Corporation f0924Factory
ZJ S&Y (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd. (formerly S-Yuan (Cambodia) Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd) f0925Factory
W Dexing Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Closed) f0927Factory
Zhenyun Hua Co., Ltd f0928Factory
Sheico (Phnom Penh) Co., Ltd f0929Factory
Global Apparel Textile (Cambodia) Manufacturing Pte., Ltd f0931Factory
Best Asia Fashion Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd f1015Factory
Caitac & Wanlin Apparel Co., Ltd f1016Factory
Cambo C-L Upper Garment Co., Ltd (Closed) f1017Factory
Cambo T.D.G Co., Ltd f1018Factory
Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia) Inc. (Branch 3) f1019Factory
CPCG International Co., Ltd f1020Factory
Cu Cu (Cambodia) International Co., Ltd f1021Factory
First Gawon Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1022Factory
Five Stars Cotton Garment (Cambodia) Limited (Branch 1) f1023Factory
G.T.A.M Garment M.F.G Co., Ltd (Closed) f1024Factory
Gin-Sovann Fashion (Cambodia) Limited f1025Factory
Goldfame Star Enterprises (Cambodia) Limited f1026Factory
Graceful (Cambodia) Textiles Co., Ltd f1027Factory
H.R Grand Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1028Factory
Hai Long Far East Development (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1029Factory
Jechiarng Industrial Co., Ltd f1030Factory
Jei Jom Enterprise Co., Ltd f1031Factory
CSQ S. Ok Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Jifa S. Ok Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd) f1032Factory
Jin Yi Hua ( Cambodia) Garment Company Limited f1033Factory
King Way Enterprises (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1034Factory
Lian Hao Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1035Factory
Lin Wen Chih Sunstone Garment Enterprises Co., Ltd f1036Factory
Liu Tan International (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd f1037Factory
Lucky Sapphire Co., Ltd f1038Factory
M.I.D.O.31 (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1039Factory
Meridian Fashion (Cambodia) Limited f1040Factory
Neo-Concept Fashion (Cambodia) Company Limited f1041Factory
New Sky Printing f1042Factory
Orange Manufacturing (Khmer) Co., Ltd f1043Factory
Peninsula Apparel International Limited f1044Factory
Perform Well Holdings (Cambodia) Limited f1045Factory
Qun Ding Printing Co., Ltd f1046Factory
S.R.E Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1047Factory
Seduno Cambo Knitting Co., Ltd f1048Factory
Sky Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Sigil (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd) f1049Factory
Silverasia Manufacturing Co., Ltd f1050Factory
Skyline Apparel Co., Ltd f1051Factory
Smart Shirts Enterprise (Cambodia) Limited f1052Factory
Su Tong Fang Group Garment Co., Ltd. f1053Factory
Sunjoy Fur Processing (Cambodia) Ltd f1054Factory
Three Plus Development (MFG) Limited f1055Factory
VG2 Knitting (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1056Factory
Xiong Fong International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1057Factory
Yi Da Manufacturer Co., Ltd f1058Factory
Dishang Huawei (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd f1059Factory
Canfull Apparel Industry Ltd (formerly Fullway (Cambodia) Garment Ltd. (formerly Cambodia Apparel)) f1060Factory
Pilot Knit Sport Wear (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1061Factory
Horizon Outdoor (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1062Factory
G-Evergreat (Cambodia) Knitting Co., Ltd. (formerly G-Evergreen (Cambodia) Knitting Co., Ltd) f1063Factory
Eminent Garment (Cambodia) Limited f1064Factory
Callisto Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1065Factory
Lucky Ly Sunn Long Garment Co., Ltd f1066Factory
Tak Sun Enterprise (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Branch 1) f1067Factory
Agile Sweater (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1068Factory
Sinokh Perfect Garment Co., Ltd. (formerly Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Branch 2)) f1069Factory
Tung Choi Fashion Technology Co., Ltd f1070Factory
Propitious (Cambodia) Garment Ltd f1071Factory
S.P. Brother (Sisophon) Co., Ltd f1072Factory
Cerie (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1073Factory
Skytex Silk Screen Co., Ltd f1074Factory
Sky Hill Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1075Factory
Morica Industry Co., Ltd f1076Factory
Crystal Martin (Cambodia) Limited (7NG) f1077Factory
Lianfa Hengyu (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1078Factory
Ever Well Knitting Co., Ltd f1079Factory
Winnie Fashion Co., Ltd f1080Factory
Guang Hua.G.H Garment Co., Ltd f1081Factory
Tak Son (Cambodia) Laundry Ltd. f1082Factory
Polaris Apparel Co., Ltd. (formerly Lu Thai (Cambodia) Co., Ltd) f1083Factory
IK Apparel Co., Ltd f1084Factory
Sinoproud (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd f1085Factory
Chun Chao (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1086Factory
Golden Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd. f1087Factory
JOC-J & W Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1088Factory
HC Heng Printing Co., Ltd f1089Factory
Kairun Printing Co., Ltd f1090Factory
Hui Mei Silk Screen Print Co., Ltd f1091Factory
Hui Yuan Garment Co., Ltd f1092Factory
Shuang Li (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1093Factory
All Wintex Garment Manufacturing Corp Ltd f1094Factory
CB Kingtop Fashion Garment Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianyan International (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd) f1095Factory
Zhong Guo Yun Jin (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co., Ltd f1096Factory
TLCCB Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1097Factory
Kang Da Garment Co., Ltd f1098Factory
Kaneju (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1099Factory
Acro Garment Ind Corp f1100Factory
Heng Storia Textile Co., Ltd f1101Factory
Alpha-FR International Co., Ltd f1102Factory
Dali Garment International (Cambodia) Limited f1103Factory
Olive Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1104Factory
Unicorn (Cambodia) Recreation Products Co., Ltd f1105Factory
He Li Tuo Knitting Co., Ltd f1106Factory
JVYT Sports Co., Ltd (Closed) f1107Factory
Cambodian Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd f1108Factory
Morodok Cheat Khmer Apparel Limited f1109Factory
Gemini Garment (Cambodia) Industries Co., Ltd f1110Factory
Golden Harbor Garment (Cambodia) Limited f1111Factory
Pacific Apparel Co., Ltd f1112Factory
Sino Garment Industry f1113Factory
Xing Nan Ya Garment Co., Ltd f1114Factory
Golden Plus Textile & Garment Co., Ltd f1115Factory
Solamoda (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd f1116Factory
Sigma Textiles (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1117Factory
New Best Global Textile Co., Ltd f1118Factory
Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia) Inc f1119Factory
Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia) Inc. (Branch 2) f1120Factory
B.D (Cambodia) Sport Co., Ltd f1149Factory
Fuling Computer Embroidery Co., Ltd f1150Factory
Golden Best (Cambodia) Factory Ltd (formerly Best Sources (Cambodia) Factory Ltd.) f1151Factory
Golden Star Corporate Development (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1152Factory
Grace Glory (Cambodia) Garment LTD f1153Factory
Great Weltro Laundry Co., Ltd f1154Factory
Hyunwoocam Co., Ltd f1155Factory
Team Best (Cambodia) Textile Co., Ltd f1156Factory
Top Silver Limited (Head) f1157Factory
U.I.C Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd f1158Factory
Vonammy (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1159Factory
Winblem Inc f1160Factory
ATTO (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1161Factory
Cambodian Red Sun Clothing Co., Ltd f1162Factory
Chia Ho (Cambodia) Garment Industrial Co., Ltd f1163Factory
Hirota (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1164Factory
Macox Manufacturing Co., Ltd f1165Factory
Sees Global KH Co., Ltd (formerly Cam Taekang Sportech Co., Ltd.) f1166Factory
T.U.W Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1167Factory
Weibo Best Production (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1168Factory
Zheng Yong Garment Factory Co., Ltd (Branch 3) f1169Factory
Tseng Hongyuan Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1170Factory
Lin's Textile Co., Ltd. f1171Factory
Top Silver Limited (Branch 1) f1172Factory
Yi Ren Garments (Cambodia) Limited f1173Factory
F.U.G Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1174Factory
Beauty Silk Screen Limited f1175Factory
JD & Toyoshima Co., Ltd f1176Factory
Sinosky Hejun Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1177Factory
Willpower Garment Co., Ltd f1178Factory
Twin Win Textile Co., Ltd. (formerly Gracy Wise Textile Co., Ltd) f1179Factory
Wanlin-Zongheng (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co., Ltd f1180Factory
Hi-Synergy International Garments Co., Ltd f1181Factory
You Li International (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1182Factory
Bright Sky Pte Ltd (Bag) f1183Factory
Li Chang Sheng (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1184Factory
R.K.T (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1186Factory
JD & Toyoshima Co., Ltd II f1187Factory
Nagapeace Corporation Limited. (Laundry) f1188Factory
Sungin Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1189Factory
New Focus Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1190Factory
Jie Wei (Cambodia) Garment Factory Ltd (No.2) f1191Factory
Chun Xue (Cambodia) Cashmere Textile Co., Ltd f1192Factory
New Huamei Knitting & Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1193Factory
Guo Tai Hua Sheng Xin Feng Jing (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd f1194Factory
ML Intimate Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd. f1195Factory
Li Qiang Corp f1196Factory
Xue Da (Cambodia) Dongsheng Textile Garments Co., Ltd f1197Factory
S.Y Embroidery Co., Ltd f1198Factory
Orient Spring (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1199Factory
Sun Grace Sports (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1200Factory
Denim Concept Co., Ltd f1201Factory
Super Link Fashions (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1202Factory
Unipros (Cambodia) Enterprise Co., Ltd f1203Factory
Sanyuan (Overseas) Co., Ltd f1204Factory
King Deer (Cambodia) Knitting Co., Ltd. f1205Factory
Trillion Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Windeson Enterprise (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd.) f1206Factory
Nagapeace Corporation Limited. (Laundry) f1212Factory
Sungin Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1213Factory
T.K. Garment Sisophon Co., Ltd f1214Factory
Jade Sun Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1221Factory
Ever Rising Garment Process Finishing Pte., Ltd. (formerly T&W (Yung Wah Branch 3) f1222Factory
Ji Hong Yuan (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1223Factory
Li Kai (Cambodia) Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1224Factory
SYSG Garment Company Limited (formerly Bing Win Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f1225Factory
Cambodian Chan Shin Household Products Co., Ltd f1226Factory
Great New Talent Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1227Factory
Bo Hua B (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd. f1228Factory
Beauty Silk Screen Limited (Branch 1) f1229Factory
Winas Garment Co., Ltd f1230Factory
GG Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1231Factory
Easetex (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1232Factory
Dali Garment International (Cambodia) Limited. (Branch 1) f1233Factory
Y.L. Labels (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1235Factory
Capital Island (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1236Factory
D & J (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1237Factory
Churi Garment Co., Ltd. f1238Factory
T.F.G (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1239Factory
Lucky Laurel Investment Co., Ltd. f1240Factory
Printing Jeil (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1241Factory
Fortuna International (Cambodia) Industry Co., Ltd. f1242Factory
W.Embellishment Ltd. f1243Factory
Triumph World Co., Ltd. f1245Factory
Chuwa (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1246Factory
Min Rong Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f1247Factory
Grand Sky Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1248Factory
Jinchenyuan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1249Factory
Green Meadow Development (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1250Factory
Timbermet (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1251Factory
E M B Jeilkovi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1252Factory
New Fuma Costume (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1253Factory
Hung Hsing Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1254Factory
Garbotex Trading Company Limited f1255Factory
Hwashin Print Co., Ltd. f1256Factory
Top Ningbo Fashion Co., Ltd. (formerly Top Yuhu (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f1260Factory
Aqua Performance (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1261Factory
Master-King Garment Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1262Factory
He Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd. f1263Factory
Sisophon Hong Seng Sportswear Co., Ltd. f1264Factory
Rong Win Garment Co., Ltd. f1265Factory
Newest Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1266Factory
GG Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f1267Factory
CPPC Outdoor Wear (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1268Factory
Helios Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1269Factory
Hung Hsing Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Laundry) f1270Factory
JH Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1271Factory
Da Rong Print & Embroidery Co., Ltd. f1272Factory
SD Evergreen Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly New Evergreen Industrial Co., Ltd) f1273Factory
Texson (Cambodia) Knitting Washing Dyeing & Printing Co., Ltd. f1274Factory
Champtex (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1275Factory
CJ Graphic Art Printing Studio Co., Ltd. f1276Factory
U.D.S Garment Co., Ltd. f1277Factory
Sew Good Garment Co., Ltd. f1278Factory
G.W Greenways Textile Co., Ltd. f1279Factory
Fast Making Co., Ltd. f1280Factory
High Hope (Cambodia) Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1281Factory
New Att Shoe-Making (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1282Factory
Hand 7 Garment Co., Ltd. f1283Factory
Meng Yee Garment Manufactory Co., Ltd. f1284Factory
The Soul Gear (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1285Factory
Boeey Garment Co., Ltd. f1286Factory
Full Ever Textiles (Cambodia) Company Limited f1287Factory
Swell Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1288Factory
Denim Avenue (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1289Factory
Win Sheng Garment Process Finish Co., Ltd. f1290Factory
Eucloth International (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1291Factory
Surpassing Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f1292Factory
Silver Age Knitting Co., Ltd. f1293Factory
V.C.O.F.F Apparel Co., Ltd. f1294Factory
Miller (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1295Factory
Perfect Vision Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1296Factory
Brilliant HK (Cambodia) Factory Co., Ltd. f1297Factory
Makalot Garments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Branch 1 (MK2B) f1298Factory
Sportline Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1299Factory
Prestige Garment Co., Ltd. f1300Factory
Prestige Garment Co., Ltd. f1301Factory
Din Shen (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1302Factory
Cambo H.D.Y.L Garment Co., Ltd. f1303Factory
Wedge Global Apparel Co., Ltd. f1304Factory
Qingdao Roy Ne (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1305Factory
Jin Yunjin (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1307Factory
Ever-Synergy (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd. f1308Factory
Head Gar (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f1309Factory
D & Blue (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1310Factory
GW Rui Xing Co., Ltd. f1311Factory
Kai De Garment Co., Ltd. f1312Factory
Master & Frank (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1313Factory
Jia Jia He Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1314Factory
Dream Toys International Co., Ltd. f1315Factory
Fengfan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1316Factory
Ever Supra Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1317Factory
Sees Global (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1318Factory
Wellson Global Co., Ltd. f1319Factory
Jin Feng Da (Cambodia) Printing Co., Ltd f1320Factory
Duo Cai Li Digital Printing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1321Factory
Fukki Laundry and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd. f1322Factory
Capital Garments Co., Ltd. f1323Factory
Yilaifa (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1324Factory
Xinyao Union (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1325Factory
Greenfield (Cambodia) Industry Co., Ltd. f1326Factory
Great Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1327Factory
Sportline Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1328Factory
Guo Tai Sheng Xing (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1329Factory
Capital Garments Co., Ltd. f1330Factory
Cheng Shi Xin Manufacturing (Cambodia) Company Limited f1331Factory
Leading Star (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1332Factory
YNTEX Co., Ltd. f1333Factory
Hao Mai (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1334Factory
Cambodian Socks and Underwear Co., Ltd. f1335Factory
Forever Colour Garment Co., Ltd. f1336Factory
Given Clothing Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1337Factory
Aeta Apparel Co., Ltd. f1338Factory
Hengnan International Trading (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1339Factory
GGU (Cambodia) Clothing Co., Ltd. f1340Factory
Hui Xin Tu (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd. f1341Factory
Marvel Garment Co., Ltd. f1342Factory
Marvel Garment Co., Ltd. f1343Factory
Marvel Garment Co., Ltd. f1344Factory
Hua Wu Garment (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f1345Factory
Skyworth Fashion (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1346Factory
Lucky Unique Enterprise Co., Ltd. f1347Factory
Mil United Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1348Factory
Samaritan Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1349Factory
S W J (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1350Factory
Chunlei Garment Co., Ltd. f1351Factory
J.I.A Garment Co., Ltd. f1352Factory
Di Seta (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1353Factory
Top Sports Textile Ltd. f1354Factory
Orient Hongye (Cambodia) Knitting Co.,Ltd. f1355Factory
Outdoor Gear (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1356Factory
Brightness (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f1357Factory
Humble Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1358Factory
Suzen (Cambodia) Industrial Co., Ltd. f1359Factory
Suo Feiya (Cambodia) Apparel Co., Ltd. f1360Factory
Andersen Industries Co., Ltd. f1361Factory
Leading Star (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. (Branch) f1362Factory
WZW Printing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1363Factory
Xuancai (Cambodia) Printing Co., Ltd. f1364Factory
Chenghaoshiye (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd. f1365Factory
Trimax Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1366Factory
New Era (Cambodia) Cashmere Textile Co., Ltd. f1367Factory
Xin Yunfeng (Cambodia) Fashion Co., Ltd. f1368Factory
Joyance International (Cambodia) Apparel Co., Ltd. f1369Factory
Qian Qun Huang Jia Co., Ltd. f1370Factory
Ealytex (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1371Factory
Smart Shirts Garments Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f1372Factory
Great Bestway Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1373Factory
Nine Sky Garments Co., Ltd. f1374Factory
Walt Technology (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1375Factory
King Lian (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co., Ltd. f1376Factory
Ocean Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1377Factory
Xinzhongying Embroidery & Textile Co., Ltd. f1378Factory
Vicmark Fashions (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1379Factory
Saier (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1380Factory
Kniteracy Asia Company Limited f1381Factory
Fushun Cambo Fashion Co., Ltd. f1382Factory
General Enterprises Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1383Factory
Eternal Fame (Cambodia) Garments Co., Ltd. f1384Factory
Good Plus (Cambodia) Manufacture Co., Ltd. f1385Factory
Fu Hong Embroidery Co.,Ltd. f1386Factory
CWL AKT (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1387Factory
Evermax Garment Accessories (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1388Factory
J.A.K Garment Co., Ltd. f1389Factory
Harmony (Cambodia) Printing Co., Ltd. f1390Factory
Runsing Knitting International Co., Ltd. f1399Factory
Shen Da Heng Yuan Garment Co., Ltd. f1400Factory
Hermo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1401Factory
Starlight Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f1402Factory
IGTM (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1403Factory
WTX Leading Fortune Co., Ltd. f1404Factory
P P S E C Company Limited f1405Factory
Global Asia Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1406Factory
Top Form (Cambodia) Manufacturing Company Limited. f1407Factory
Chanco Textiles (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1408Factory
Lonso (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1409Factory
Jian Yuan Tong Garment Co.,Ltd. f1410Factory
Ocean Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f1411Factory
New Wide Apparel Co., Ltd. f1412Factory
JW Zhongrun (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1413Factory
Golden Grace Apparels Co., Ltd. f1414Factory
Flourish Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1415Factory
Remstex Fashion Co., Ltd. f1416Factory
WTX Leading Fashion Co., Ltd. f1417Factory
Sunicon (Cambodia) Apparel Co., Ltd. f1418Factory
Jie Rui Feng (Cambodia) Leather Co.. Ltd. f1419Factory
Jifa Huahe (Cambodia) Knitting Co., Ltd. f1420Factory
T.S Sport (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1421Factory
Cambodian Wuxi Jin Mao Garment Co., Ltd. f1422Factory
Xin Li Fang (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1423Factory
Knit Resource Management Co., Ltd. f1424Factory
Canpak (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1425Factory
Charmgo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1426Factory
D'Luxe International Co., Ltd. f1427Factory
Elite Win (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1428Factory
Fidelity (Cambodia) Handbag Factory Co., Ltd. f1429Factory
G.C.H International Trade Co., Ltd. f1430Factory
Golden Billion (Cambodia) Handbags Co., Ltd. f1431Factory
Goodmate (Cambodia) Headwears Co., Ltd. f1432Factory
Hathor International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1433Factory
Hilltop Luggage (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1434Factory
Hip Keung (Cambodia) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1435Factory
HK Burltex Manufactory Co., Ltd. f1436Factory
Hong Cen Max Leather Products Co., Ltd. f1437Factory
Hoplok (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1438Factory
Hui Rui Xin Handbag (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1439Factory
Ideal Pacific (Cambodia) Limited. f1440Factory
Ireach Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1441Factory
JP Sunny Products Co., Ltd. f1442Factory
JS Leather Collection Phnom Penh Co., Ltd. f1443Factory
JS Leather Collection Phnom Penh Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) f1444Factory
Liefeng Outdoors (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1445Factory
Ming Fai Enterprise (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Teng Xun Limited) f1446Factory
Nanwang Travel Goods Co., Ltd. f1447Factory
Niu Geng Di (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1448Factory
Pactics Cambodia Co.,Ltd. f1449Factory
Park Handbag (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1450Factory
Monopia (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1451Factory
Forever FUG Garment Co., Ltd. f1452Factory
NMD Embroidery (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (formerly Ming Der Embroidery (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.) f1453Factory
Orient Hongye (Cambodia) Knitting Co., Ltd. f1454Factory
Shi Yang Industrial (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1455Factory
Shuang Li One (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1456Factory
Xo Tex Industrial Co., Ltd. f1457Factory
Peevi Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1458Factory
Simone ACC. Collection (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1459Factory
Kai Neng Leather Products (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1460Factory
Paron International (Cambodia) Limited f1461Factory
Changhui (Cambodia) Handbag MFR. Co., Ltd. f1462Factory
Din Ling Garment Co., Ltd. f1463Factory
Airsun Leather Goods (Cambodia) Company Limited. f1464Factory
Hanton Luggage (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1465Factory
Cathaya Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1466Factory
Credstar Washing & Processing Co., Ltd. f1467Factory
Hen Yang (Cambodia) Apparel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. f1468Factory
Ryder Pet Supplies (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1469Factory
Shining (Cambodia) Belt & Bag Co., Ltd. f1470Factory
Shui Yat A (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1471Factory
Shun Xin Luggage Industry (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. f1472Factory
Siglo (Cambodia) Co., Ltd f1473Factory
Sparkbags (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1474Factory
Starite (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1475Factory
Sun Shui Shing Industrial (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1476Factory
Superl (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1477Factory
T & L (Cambodia) Handbags Industrial Co., Ltd. f1478Factory
Trinity Handbags Co., Ltd. f1479Factory
Union Leatherware M.F.Y Co., Ltd. f1480Factory
Ventura Leatherware MFY (CD) Co., Ltd. f1481Factory
Wah Sun HK Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1482Factory
Wam Fa Leather Co., Ltd. f1483Factory
Wholly Well Handbags Manufacturing Company Limited. f1484Factory
Winning Dragon Leatherware (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1485Factory
Wah Sun HK Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1486Factory
Yinxing (Cambodia) Handbags & Accessories Co., Ltd. f1487Factory
YS Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1488Factory
Yu Yue Handbag Co., Ltd. f1489Factory
Yumark Pacific (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1490Factory
Zhuo Jia (Cambodia) Leather Co., Ltd. f1491Factory
Premier Tech Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1492Factory
Shanghai Sunwin Firstex (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1493Factory
Mao Xing Yuan (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1494Factory
L C Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1495Factory
Independence Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1496Factory
Xin Hongrui (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd. f1497Factory
Hing Lee (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1498Factory
Young Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1499Factory
Yonghengxing Leather (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1500Factory
Sinodex Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1501Factory
CNDEGRE International (KH) Co., Ltd. f1502Factory
Wilson Leather (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Branch 3) f1503Factory
Hing Ngai Leatherware (Cambodia) Factory Ltd. f1504Factory
Clotho (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. f1505Factory