Miaw Shun (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd.

  • The boxes show the last 4 assessments since the start of the transparency program, with the most recent assessment on the left.
  • The Compliance column show the factory’s performance on each indicator for up to four assessments
Address: Wat Angtrakiet village Street watangtrakiet sangkat angtrakiet kantork commune Kandal Province.

ASSESSMENT #4 (08-01-2014)

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001 No unremediated child labour#4   
002 No forced labour (Freedom of movement)#4   
003 No discrimination against workers#4   
004 No dismissal of pregnant workers#4   
005 No dismissal of workers during maternity leave#4 N/A (N/A indicates that BFC monitors did not have sufficient information to make a determination)  
006 No sexual harassment#4   
007 Equal pay for men and women#4   
008 No discrimination against workers based on union membership#4   
009 Workers join and form unions freely#4   
010 No control of union by employer#4   
011 Job is not dependent on union membership#4   
012 No management interference with union#4   
013 Workers are free not to join union#4   
014 Regular emergency evacuation drills (every 6 months)#4   
015 Emergency exit doors are unlocked during working hours#4   
016 Emergency exit doors are sufficient#4   
017 Dangerous machine parts have safety guards (not needle guards)#4   
018 Clean and sufficient drinking water#4   
019 Correctly paid minimum wages#4   
020 Correctly paid overtime wages (ordinary overtime hours)#4   
021 Bonuses, allowances, leaves count entire employment period#4